UBIC Technologies provides value-added services and BigData analytics to telcos, enterprises and city administrations. The company products work on telecom operator networks with more than 140 million subscribers coverage.

Business model

  • Revenue share with telcos on providing Value-Added Services to subscribers
  • Subscription model for core platform and UBIC City products, license + support for UBIC Telco products if required


Russian Big Data market in cities, $ mln

Russian Big Data market in cities

Global Big Data market in cities, $ bln

Global Big Data market in cities

Financial summary

Company revenue, $ mln

Company revenue


  • Leading player on Russian and CIS traffic analysis solutionsmarkets
  • The company products are implemented on networks of Russian and CIS operators
  • Completed product chain: data collection from operator channels, integration, processing, analysis and storage


+ under the DNA

Growth and development

  • Extending sales channels to new regions and industries
  • New products for the fast-growing markets, creation of ML/UBA-oriented products for bringing the most effective solutions to the target markets
  • Acquisitions and partnerships on the selected markets


Financing, $ mln


Ownership structure

Ownership structure


Vitaly Sattarov

15+ years of business and IT experience (RBC, Rambler, Diasoft etc.)

Alexey Voronin

20+ years of IT and marketing experience (Mail.ru, Rambler etc.)

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