National BioService LLC Project
NBS (National BioService) is the first in Russia research biobank and bioservice. NBS is focused on the sourcing, processing, analysis and storage of biological samples, required for the development of innovative drugs and diagnostic systems in the Russian Federation.

Current Stage

  • 4 laboratories (St. Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Moscow, Sochi) were created and are actively operating as part of the clean zone, non-sterile zone, histological zone, cryoblock, paraffin block storage, autoclave, storage facilities), offices. Total affiliate network - 104 sites;
  • The company has been self-financed since 2015. The average annual revenue growth in the period from 2015 to 2017 amounted to 216%. Since 2017, the company pays dividends. The current operating profit margin is 43%.

Network expansion plans

  • NBS-South (launched in Q3 2018). Potential of building an affiliate network - 25-30 medical sites.
  • NBS-Ural (launch in 2019). Potential of building an affiliate network: 20-35 medical sites.


  • Biobanking: providing research and development services for biological sample collections with required characteristics and associated clinical annotation;
  • “in vitro” pharma services: providing research services for the integrated study of the effects of candidate molecules on cells and tissues “in vitro”;
  • Tissue microarrays (TMA): providing research and development services for the design, production and testing of customized tissue microarrays from the customer’s or own material;
  • Sale of ready tissue microarrays platforms of various designs to customers.

Competitive advantages

  • The company is operating according to the requirements of the International Society for Biological and Environmental Repositories – ISBER;
  • Storage of the biological samples in the required technical conditions;
  • Control of storage conditions of biomaterials and information, as well as duplication of systems;
  • Strict accounting of the flow of biomaterials;
  • Complete Quality Management System;
  • Legality and ethical transmission of biomaterials and associated information to the customer;
  • The company is guided by the world-wide system of recommendations, formulated in the current version of “good practice” for biobanks.

Market Review. Competition

There are more than 500 biobanks in the world. The main volume of biomaterials are tissues in paraffin, serum / plasma and DNA / cDNA.The global market for biobanking services in 2017 amounted to $ 5.7 billion. The market is projected to grow by an average of 13.7% per year during 2018-2027.

Прогноз роста

About 80% of the Russian bio-banking services market is accounted for foreign customers and about 20% is accounted for domestic customers.

In Russia, there are about 10 biobanks, most of them are part of the state research institutes of different profiles. National BioService is the only commercial biobank in Russia. The company is also the only organization in Russia operating according to best practices for repositories and the requirements of the International Society for Biological and Environmental Repositories – ISBER.


Development potential

  • Development of integrated service products in the Russian Federation, fully complying with current legislation and international standards;
  • An acute shortage of core CROs in the Russian Federation, working on single standards;
  • The growing need for in vitro studies using human research materials.

Financial performance

Прогноз роста

The project team

Vitaly Yurevich Prutsky
MD, DPhil

General Director of National BioService LLC. He has many years of experience in commercial research in the UK, the Netherlands, and the USA.

Sergey Vladimirovich Anisimov
MD, PhD, DSc

Deputy General Director for Operations of LLC National BioService. He has many years of experience in working abroad (USA and Sweden) and in Russia. He participated and managed numerous research projects in the field of cell and molecular biology, and bioinformatics

Oleg Konstantinovich Granstrem

Deputy General Director for Business Development of National BioService LLC. He participated in international research projects (Italy, USA) and has many years of experience in organizing and running a business.

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