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Completion of development and commercialization of innovative robotic platform - exoskeleton for rehabilitation and social adaptation

Project Information

Commercialization of innovative robotic platform - exoskeleton for rehabilitation and social adaptation.


  • Exoskeleton sales began in 2016.
  • In October 2016, a joint venture ExoAtlet Asia Ltd was established in Korea (Company’s share is 35%), which has already sold 7 exoskeletons.
  • The company received NTI grant in the amount of 140 million rubles. and is currently developing to expand the product line.

Exoskeleton Market Size and financial forecast

World Exoskeleton Market Forecast, $ million

The company's revenue forecast, $ million

Medical partners

Clinical studies are conducted in collaboration with leading clinics in Russia and Korea:

Investments, participants

$ Million financing


Competitive advantages of exoskeleton:

  • The exoathlet has enhanced capabilities of the control system and design: patient can change parameters of movement in the process of walking, voice control, walking with unloading of the feet, electro neuro muscle stimulation;
  • The design is easily disassembled by the patient, the weight of the structure is more than 20 kg;
  • Exoatlet is equipped with protection against injury when falling;

Project team

Mikhail Krundyshev

co-founder of the project, General Director

Ekaterina Bereziy

co-founder of the project, strategy development, optimization of business processes


Stepanov Andrey
Deputy Fund Director of the Project Development
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