Alpina Publishing Group
The Alpina Publishing Group is one of the leading producers of business and research books in Russia. The company sells more than 2 million electronic and paper books every year. The Group employs 155 people.


  • Publication of electronic and paper books on innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • Publication of scientific and popular science books (electronic and paper)
  • Providing services to companies and individuals to publish books, subscription to an electronic library.
  • Educational web portal "Theories and Practices"

Market Overview

According to the Russian Book Chamber, in 2017, Russian publishing houses produced 117,359 titles of books and brochures with a total circulation of 471.5 million copies. Compared to 2016, the number of titles released in the country has practically not changed, however, at the same time, their total circulation increased by 5.6%. This event can be called significant, because the increase in total circulation in the country is observed only the second time in the past 10 years (the first, barely noticeable, was recorded in 2013). The index of the volume of printed books (total number of pages) increased in 2017 compared to 2016 by 14.5% and amounted to 5388.5 million sheets. Such a dramatic growth in volume of pages has not been seen for ten years, this is the same as the circulation indicator, only the second example of the observed growth over the entire period under review.

At the same time, in comparison with 2008, the total number of pages of books published in the country decreased by 44.6%. If we estimate the decade as a whole, then for the period 2008-2017 the number of issued titles of books and brochures in the country decreased by 4.8%, and their total circulation decreased by 38%.

In 2017, according to the Russian Book Chamber, 5 775 publishing houses operated in the country. This number includes all publishing organizations that sent at least one copy of their book to the Chamber during 2017. By the number of issued titles, the rating of publishers is headed by the publishing house Eksmo (IG EksmoAST), which published 9,842 titles of books and brochures in 2017. The publishing house AST is the second (part of the publishing group Eksmo-AST) and in 2017 it published 7,880 titles of books and brochures. The publishing house Prosveshcheniye is third (part of the publishing group OLMA Media Group), in 2017 it released 3,860 titles.

Main competitors

  • Eksmo / AST Publishing Group, including subsidiaries MIF and Corpus
  • Azbuka-Atticus Group

Development potential

In 2017, the book market showed a positive development trend. If positive trends continue in the Russian economy as a whole, the publishing market will also show growth.

Project team

Ilyin Alexey

One of the founders and General Director of “Alpina Publisher” Publishing House. He is responsible for publishing departments and the educational portal "Theories and Practices." In 2004 and 2018 he was recognized as the best manager of the book publishing in Russia. Prior to 1998 (the year of publishing house foundation) he worked in investment banking. Education: Finance Academy under the Government of the Russian Federation, New York Institute of Finance.

Limansky Alexander

One of the founders and CEO of Alpina Digital. In the company, he is responsible for sales and e-business strategy. Until 1998, he worked in investment banking. Education: Plekhanov Russian Academy of Economics.

Dolgopolsky Ilya

One of the founders and CEO of the company "Intellectual literature." He is in charge of corporate sales. Until 1998, he was engaged in the business of materials for the printing industry. Education: MIHM (Moscow Institute of Chemical Engineering), Academy of Printing.

Turko Sergey

Chief editor, he has been with the company since 2004. He leads the process of selecting and publishing business books. Until 2004, he worked in the Moscow branch of Lucent Technologies. Education: Candidate of Economic Sciences. He graduated from MGSU (Moscow State University of Construction), as well as postgraduate MISiS.

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