WiseSoil: Technology of biomass pretreatment for efficient processing in biogas plants.

Current stage

Biomass Pretreatment Module is an industrial-scale solution. It was sold and installed in 5 foreign countries. IP is protected by 7 patents and patent applications.

The product of the project

Biomass Pretreatment Module WiseSoil, that is installed on biogas plants.


The method of biomass Pretreatment, providing destruction of fibrous types of raw materials at the level of intercellular membranes. Such processing allows to accelerate anaerobic digestion by 1.5-2 times, as well as to increase the production of biogas by 30-70% (subject to raw material). An example of efficiency gain after pretreatment is below.

Competitive advantages

The technology integrates five pre-treatment functions in a single Module: hydrodynamic effect, cavitation, oxygen removal, electroporation, saturation of the substrate with microbubbles. The specific energy consumption does not exceed 2 kWh per m3 of raw materials.

Market Review. Competition

According to Aebiom, Eurobserver, BCCResearch, the capacity of the global product market exceeds $ 3 billion. The key market in the EU is Germany, there are more than 10 thousand biogas plants.

Due to reduced subsidies and increased cost of raw materials, the producers of renewable energy are forced to look for opportunities to increase efficiency, creating a demand for the WiseSoil module.

The cost of European competitors’ solution starts from 50 thousand euros, WiseSoil module is 10 thousand euros.

Development potential

  • World market. The capacity of existing biogas plants, that can be equipping with the WiseSoil modules, is $ 3 billion.
  • Russian market. More than 600 million tons of organic waste per year, the potential of the Russian market is more than 3000 biogas plants. (GIS data “Renewable energy sources”). The commercial potential of an integrated solution for the disposal of organic waste based on WiseSoil technology is more than $ 350 million.

The project team

Alex, CEO, PH.D

PM, marketing
Business development

Nikolai, Microbiologist, Ph.d

40 years of R&D
Launched biotech facility

Andrei, CTO

Engineering & design
Supply chain

Financing requirement

85 million rubles Expected results: target revenue is $ 8-11 million per year by 2021.

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