The center develops and produces antibodies for scientific research and in vitro diagnostics in human and veterinary medicine.

The product of the project

  • Antibodies and ancillary reagents for immunohistochemistry (kits for diagnosing tumors of the breast, prostate, lung, stomach, intestines, soft tissues and lymphoproliferative diseases).
  • ELISA kits for diagnosing veterinary infections.
  • ELISA and ICA kits for food quality control.

Business model

  • Own production (Quality control system is certified in accordance with ISO 13485: 2016)
  • Selling products via federal and regional distributors
  • Direct sales of diagnostic kits to public and private medical centers


Used antigens: synthetic peptides, recombinant proteins (prokaryotic expression and eukaryotic expression), native proteins, non-protein antigens.

Possible antibodies: rabbit polyclonal, murine monoclonal, rabbit monoclonal.

Tests under development: enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay, immune histochemical test, immunochromatographic tests.

Market Review

Market volume of antibodies and ancillary reagents by types of tumors diagnosis, 2016, the CIS, billion rubles.

Competitive advantages

  • The cost of diagnostic reagents is 30 % or more lower than that of competitors.
  • Reduced delivery time, as the most popular antibodies and reagents are always in stock.
  • Direct technical support of the manufacturer.

Major manufacturers

The main suppliers of diagnostic antibodies for IHC and cytological diagnostics are Dako, Leica, Thermo and Roche. There are no Russian producers of diagnostic antibodies for medical diagnostics in the CIS.

Current stage

  • Registration of products in the RZN.
  • In the next 6-9 months the company is ready to enter the market of food control and diagnostics of veterinary infections.

Development potential

Expanding the portfolio of antibodies with a full cycle of production.

Target market can be enlarged due to veterinary tests and food tests.

The project team

Grachev Alexey Nikolaevich

Doctor of Biological Sciences, Director

Kovaleva Olga Vladimirovna

Ph.D. in biology, Head of Production Department

Kurochkin Sergey Nikolaevich

Ph.D. in biology, Head of Research and Development

Petrenko Anatoly Anatolyevich

Ph.D in biology. Senior Researcher

Samoilova Daria Viktorovna


Financing requirement

Registration of products, the purchase of additional cell lines hybridomas and the development of their analogues to expand the portfolio of the most demanded antibodies - 30 million rubles.

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