News 03 June 2019

Roszdravnadzor includes the "Genetico" Center in the list of organizations for clinical trials

Roszdravnadzor has included the Center of Genetics and Reproductive Medicine "Genetico", part of the RVC Biofund's portfolio, in the list of medical entities engaged in clinical trials of medical devices for in vitro diagnostics.

The "Genetico" Center has been found to meet the requirements stipulated by the order No. 300n "On approval of requirements for medical entities conducting clinical trials of medical devices and the procedure for establishing compliance of medical entities with such requirements" issued by the Russian Ministry of Health on May 16, 2013.

"Genetico" laboratories are equipped with the cutting edge high-performance sequencers and latest-generation robotic equipment and are able to carry out advanced genetic research necessary for medicine, genomics and proteomics.

Specialists of the Center are members of the Russian society of medical geneticists and the European Society of Human Genetics, authors of various publications in Russian and foreign scientific journals.

In 2017, "Genetico" opened a world-class genome sequencing laboratory to implement innovative screening and diagnostics techniques in healthcare practice and to use sequencing for clinical and medical purposes.

According to Arthur Isaev, Director of the "Genetico" Center, developers in Russia now can use services of a specialist company that has great competencies in new types of genetic research, such as next-generation NGS-sequencing, microarray, microfluidics.